Job Searching After Pandemic

Although the thick of COVID-19 has passed us and things began to open up. Over the course of the pandemic there has been surge of Americans being furloughed, let go and fired with or without a severance package. It may seem like there aren’t jobs on the market. Here are something’s that You can do to make the job search easier for yourself.

The Truth Is

There are jobs on the market with more requirements that many of don’t qualify for. I. This case what do we do? During these uncertain times who’s hiring? If you login into indeed there is a collection of different opportunities available.

What I won’t tell you is to stop looking but what I will tell you is that change could happen for you at any moment. So continue to put applications In and make phone calls because you never know what could happen tomorrow.

To be honest, I’ve been searching and filling out applications but I haven’t gotten feedback from the jobs that actually want except one. A company looking for some to write articles but I missed the target cause it’s been two days since I have heard anything back from them. Now I could tell you that calling is step two to checking on the status of your application which it is but there is a likelihood that you might get the “at the moment we aren’t hiring,” rhetoric. I’m not here to kill your spirit. My goal to feed you words of motivation.


After doing some intense research, lucrative work opportunities seem to come in the form of self-employment. COVID-19 has really forced people to look for new avenues to obtain profitable opportunities. You have to have self-motivation and drive to blaze your own trail.

Risk to learn and gain Your Reward

Risks seems to be known as the best friend of success. you can’t seem to find a win unless you chase it. The saying goes “scared money makes no money.” Investments are risky but lucrative if done right. In life it seems risk teaches developing a much more calculated individual. The lessons added in with the action gets you rewards.

Planning Your Success

Planning according to many of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs and people gives you direction to materialize your win.

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.

Allen Saunders

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffet

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

[State of the Union Address January 11 1962]

John F. Kennedy

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.

Winston Churchill

Planning only goes as far you take it. You have to activate action, engage in each step while learning from the process to make your dream a reality. This is all written In books words taken from people’s that dared to defy the odds to see what happens. They faced fears to create a heaven for themselves on earth.

Timing Is Everything

Motivating yourself comes with setting a timeframe for your plan. Curating a plan is time consuming but it’s your road map which needs a ETA (estimate time of arrival). Documenting the date that you want to accomplish your plan will help you maintain accountability. It gives you focus and increases your motivates to execute your plan within the timeframe you have set. If you want to find that dream job or career give yourself a date and go get it!

Fear Conquering

Facing fears uplifts and liberates you’re dream. The action of conquering your fears helps you push pass the no’s and find that career opportunity that you have been searching for on these job platforms. You have to approach job hunting from a different angle. Facing your fears and coming out of your comfort zone opens up a world of possibilities. You develop confidence and courage. You strength your belief In yourself as you overcome your personal challenges. Be courageous while your career hunting. Go after those opportunities that you feel your not a great fit for because you never know, you just maybe.

Wrap up

COVID-19 has made the state of employment scary and tricky. However, don’t let that stop you from chasing your goals. Be courageous face your fears. Be persistent in your actions to execute your plans. Time awaits no man so set a time Miramar that work for you and deliver the life that you want for yourself . Start today because tomorrow is to far away. Go out there and emerge in your essences.

The Beauty of a Woman

You know well, we would fail without the woman because she holds us up. She is the nail.

Isaaic Patterson
image by Nichole Kobe

Woman is god. They are so majestic. Without a woman where would we be? She is the compass that directs man in the right direction. She is who holds the family together.

The woman is the foundation. The security that ensures safety, love and compassion. The woman is beautiful, strong yet tender. She is happiness, sadness and pain.

When I think of the woman, I ponder the weight that she bares or has bared for so many years. The responsibilities that she takes on and still manages to emerge beautifully into her essence. The woman is the epitome of powerful.

She protects. She serves. She show empathy even when she is empty and unable to empathize with herself. She always knows what she wants and never hesitates to go out into the world and fight for it. If the woman is not God then who is? She create life that lives in her womb for nine months. The woman is special.

We forget the impact that women have on the world. Even though throughout her journey she has suffered trauma from men and other women. It’s like we do everything that we can to make her feel less. We try to force her to hate herself.

Why? What did she ever do to deserve to be viewed and stamped as scum? Why wasn’t she seen In the same light as the man? History would say it’s because she wasn’t man but why did or does that even matter? When she’s human and capable of functioning and executing anything at the same capacity as man.

It’s heartbreaking to observe men, the “protectors” treat women like objects. We misuse, abuse and break women then we throw them away. Our actions are awful. The fact that we misunderstand the beauty of women determines the future of our people. It stains out history like bleach on dark cloths it never goes away.

The beauty of a woman is reflected in all women that walk and that have walked this earth. I say thank you for being flexible, resilient, loving, compassionate and brilliant. Without you progress would have never taken place.

You see the woman to man is heaven in this hell. Life becomes harder to excel and be excellent in without her.

By Isaaic Patterson


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What is Accountability?

it is taking responsibility for your choices, decisions, actions and behaviors which ultimately leads to life rewards or consequences.

In order to foster change it requires willpower, determination and accountability. You have to have willpower in order to overcome unproductive behaviors. For instance if you wanted to buy a house. You would have to make some sacrifices in order to save that house which means that your financial decision making would have to be predicated off of productivity. This involves you placing your money in places that it will either work for you or prepare you financially to get that house in the time frame that you’ve set to purchase it. It is a commitment which leads to results. The results can be bad or good. That responsibility depends on you.

Take accountability… Blame is the water in which many dreams and relationships drown.

― Steve Maraboli

Determination helps you focus and push through urges to place your money in unproductive places (I.E. clothing, sneakers, smoking and gambling). Whereas, accountability requires you to check yourself and make sure that your choices, decisions and behaviors are in alignment with your goals.

At times it can be difficult to hold yourself accountable depending on your ability to fight urges that would lead towards failure. In term creating a habit that becomes a cycle which can be hard to break. However, when you have someone to hold you accountable your more likely to find success in holding yourself accountable for your own actions.

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If you have trouble practicing holding yourself accountable alone. You can involve someone that you trust to assist you in your efforts to be more accountable. There is so much technology out here that can be useful in helping you hold yourself accountable. In most cases it is easier to stay in the cyclical nature that you are currently in because it is comfortable. Breaking cycles can be a detriment or it can lead to your excellence. With accountability it demands you to be present consciously engaging with each thought, decision and action. Accountability brings about awareness which should to your change because when you know better then you can do better.

A few quotes for you to think about next time before you decide not to decide or blame someone else.

“Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.”

—   George Washington Carver

“You are the reason of your own good-luck and bad-luck; success and failure; happiness and pain. Your choices are responsible for your present. Don’t blame someone else for your sufferings or failures.”

Sanjeev Himachali

Mamba Mentality

Image by Fine Art America

The key to life revolves around this fascinating idea that was formulated by Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant was an extraordinary basketball player and person with a prolific business acumen. He created this culture of thinking that was built around his relentless mindset to be the best no matter what. Inspiring everyone that he came in contact with to excel. He touched many across the world with his performance on the court and off the court after he retired.

Themes Of Discussion

  1. Inspire
  2. Be relentless
  3. Hard work and Perseverance
  4. Trusting the process
  5. Believing in Yourself
  6. Be obsessed Study the Best

Image by GQ Magazine

Let’s engage in a conversation concentrated on the great Kobe Bryant. He won five championships during his career playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He faced a multitude of hurdles during his NBA career. For instance, as a rookie shooting an air ball during a crucial game, tearing his Achilles, sex scandal, ankle injuries, conflicts with teammates and not winning championships. However, through all of these obstacles he never gave up on himself. He stayed focused and continued to work hard in the gym sharpening his skills so that he could dominate on the court. He trusted in the process, belief in his hard work, believed in himself and stayed relentless on the court and off the court. Ultimately leading him to materialize himself as a champion and a legend.

He created a legacy that will never be forgotten and a mindset that has been adopted by many. This way of thinking has been dubbed as “Mamba Mentality,” which has created a following that has become a culture. With this mentality Mr. Bryant has gifted the world with an concept meant to motivate others and inspire people to be relentless, work hard, trust in the process, believe in themselves and the work that have done to become whatever it is that they choose. He was inspiring.

Be Inspiring

Image by Goalcast

Kobe never intended on just being a player on a team. His intentions were set on being a legend because they are never forgotten. He believed in inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. Many NBA players have verbalized their reverence of his game play. Kyrie Irving is one of the people that was inspired by Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” and look how great he became. When your on your journey toward your goals, without noticing you indirectly inspire someone else. Even when it’s unintentional. With Mamba Mentality, Kobe asks you to set your intentions on being inspirational to others. Whether it be children, friends, family or strangers. Kobe believed that limiting your imagination would take away from your belief in being able to accomplish your goals making it difficult to inspire others. Be imaginative and think up what you want to accomplish and how you want that to manifest. On your quest towards your goals be authentic but conduct yourself and speak in a manner that provokes others to aim higher and chase their aspirations. In life nothing you do is without inspiration because someone is always watching you, learning from you and being inspired by you. This was Kobe’s intention which fueled his determination and relentlessness to be more than just a human being.

Be Relentless

Image by Business Insider

What more can I say that Kobe Bryant didn’t say in the quote above? Not much but he was a sniper on the court and he was deadly. Observation reveals that Kobe was great because he did whatever it took to get “it” done. He gave no excuses. He was relentless in his pursuit to win. You should be the same when it comes to your life and what you want out of it. When you are relentless in your efforts to materialize what you have visualized in your minds eye, then no matter who or what tries to get in your way nothing they do will keep you from achieving your goals. Your destiny at any point in your life can be changed. Being relentless in achieving your goals, take that extra step to learn a new skill, running that extra two miles to prepare for your race, do five more sets after doing ten, staying after work late, spending time working on you and your dream after work. It means digging deep inside of yourself and making the impossible possible. When your relentless it communicates to others that you can’t be taking advantage of and that you stand for something that you will not let anyone compromise. The outcome yields respect from others because they can’t deny what you have made undeniable. If they don’t agree with your relentlessness then they will fade into the distance. With that said, be relentless and give everything you’ve got everyday so you can live out your vision and be at peace. That’s when you’ve fulfilled your purpose. Hard work and perseverance pays off in the end.

Hard work and Perseverance

Image by tublr

Mamba Mentality speaks to striving to do your best. Whatever that definition of greatness is to you. It means putting in the hard work early and often. It means persevering through the setbacks for a greater comeback. Hard work and perseverance was a great trait of Kobe Bryant’s, as he persevered through all of the turbulent times. He spoke about a time in his life when all he did was work hard on his game which lead to him being drafted. He continued this same work ethic throughout his career which lead to his legendary status in the NBA. For all of the people out there facing or have faced turbulent times don’t be discouraged instead be encouraged and inspired. Continue on to your quest with relentlessness, work hard and persevere because these obstacles have only been established in your life to set you up for success. All you have to do is trust in the process.

Trust In the Process

Image by Tim Grover FrearlessMotivation

Kobe believed and trusted in his process. He was excited by the process of getting better and growing. He was driven by growth and being excellent. He had an interest in the journey of personal development. If he felt that it was impossible, he wouldn’t have accomplish all that he did in the time frame that he did. If he didn’t embrace the process and learn what his strengthens and weakness were how could he have made improvements? Mamba Mentality challenges us to have faith in what we are doing and to be honest with ourselves so that we can learn make adjustments that will encourage our growth. Trust in your process, work hard, continue to persevere, be relentless as you progress through it, because your growth will propel you inspiring people outside of you.

Believe in Yourself

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This next tip is critical. It motivates you to execute so that you can learn, grow and become what you want in life. Belief in yourself means being confident no matter the obstacle or challenge in front of you. Kobe Bryant believed that being yourself is believing in yourself and having confidence in yourself to go out into the world create your success the way you envision it. With preparation comes confidence and belief in self. When you have belief in self then you find comfort in your ability to execute any task under any circumstance or situation. Mamba Mentality demands preparedness so that you are equipped with the necessary tools to forge your path to achievement and happiness. When you believe in yourself nothing anyone says can derail your energy.

Be Obsessed Study the Best

These two tips for reaching your full potential are bonuses to the ones offered above. Kobe was obsessed with winning and dominating on the court. Kobe mentioned during an interview that “people don’t understand how obsessed he is with winning. He doesn’t care about anything else on on the basketball court but winning.” When your on your journey to self improvement in your chosen craft there is a certain obsession you should have with it in order to master it. You become so involved in it that nothing else matters but that vision.

Image by Business Insider

The great Kobe Bryant had the desire to be the best basketball player. He decided that he was going to study and learn from best in the game. He utilized what he learned to add to his game to make himself better. If you want to achieve greatness in your craft it is important for you to study and learn for the people that have exhibit high achievement in that area. Your job is to take different behaviors from those brilliant individuals and implement them into your life. This will help you become a higher achieve as well.


I challenge you to be relentless, obsessed, hard working, to persevere, be a believer in yourself, the process, and a lifelong learner that study the greats. Your life is in your hands ask yourself how do you want to be remember you? If you ever need the extra push think about “Mamba Mentality,” implement it into your life and become what you were destined to be. Emerge in your essence beautiful people.

Rest In Power

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Family Time: Why It’s Important to prioritize


Why is family time so important to balance in life? Since we live In a fast pace society we lose sight of our family. We spend most of our time with everyone else, tending to their needs making sure that they are fine and their family is as well. Family is the foundation to stability. Prioritizing time to focus on them promotes balance in mental health. Below is a table of content outlining what will be discussed in this blog.

Table of Content

  1. The importance of family
  2. Mental Health Perspective
  3. Benefits of Spending time with your family
  4. Activities You can do with family

What Is The Importance of Family?

Sometimes being busy gets in the way of family time. Why do we accept this as a normal lifestyle? It’s due to the fact that we are taught to spend more time chasing the next goal or our career. Living life in this manner leads to family disruption. It is important to find time to focus on your family because it create harmony. The family structure provides you ongoing support. It encourages cohesiveness amongst you and your spouse. It does wonders for one’s mental health as well which we will dive into next.

Family Time : Mental Health Perspective

Mental health has been one of the aspects in today’s society that’s has been a focal point. In what ways does spending time with your family help encourage mental health. Research notes that spending time with close friends, partner, and children contribute to positive effects on your overall health. Time with family reduces stress helping you develop positive ways to cope. If you’re someone focused on increasing your life spending time with family can help with improving one’s life span.

Communicating with your family as you spend time with them helps with your children communication development. This process of family communication could lead to your children being able to process negative feelings dispelling the chances of behavior problems. The positive attention that children receive from their parents causes children to feel more inclined to express positive behaviors. This relationship between you and children allows them to make positive choices and digest problems leading to better coping mechanisms.

Spending Time With Family: Benefits

Children’s mental development improves from spending time with their family. Children do better in school and they have more feelings of happiness. It is important that we spend time speaking with our children about what’s going on in their lives. Eating dinner at least five times a week together definitely helps with stability. It allows each member of the family to rely on one another developing a sense of comfort, understanding and love. Spending time with your family contributes to children learning new coping mechanisms to help them with stress. This is the same for you and your spouse. Self-confidence is impacted in a positive way through spending time with family. The family learns to how to resolve conflict better. Stress among the family decreases enhancing health and well-being. Life expectancy increases because of the healthy relationships promoting positive and mental health benefits.

Family Activities

As we continue to living in this fast pace society remembering to set time aside for your family is of importance to your mental health. Below I have provided a list of activities that you can engage in with your family to spend quality time with them.

  • Working out whether it is outside or inside
  • Soccer
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Board games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Scrabble
  • Trouble
  • Gold fish
  • Video games
  • Movie night
  • Conversation

If you’ve taken nothing from all of this information. Please reconsider making family time a priority. A healthy family makes for a peaceful home atmosphere filled with happiness and prosperity.

Figuring Out How to Make It Work

“Your limitation—it’s only your imagination”-

Starting something new is hard. Whether it is a business, a paper, working out or even talking to a girl you really like. I never know where to begin unless it was preplanned. On this new journey things are moving slower than expected. What I expected? I am not quite sure. What I am certain of is that nothing worth having comes easy.

Once you have an online presence how do you attract an audience and hold their attention? If you want to be a freelancer what steps must you take to generate success, clients, followers and viewers? These are some of the questions I find myself contemplating. I have read a few article on this topic and it seems that patience is a key but I notice that this was a theme that was never mentioned.

I am unable to teach or assist anyone else that is a newbie in this industry because I am in the process of finding out what works. I understand that journeys come with trials and tribulations. I guess my impatience grows because I’m so accustomed to gaining access to everything so quickly with technology. Figuring out how to do something when you lack an understanding of it is a part of the journey. It’s imperative to keep the course so that we are able to gain access to the gems that will help to propel us into progress. Whatever that advancement looks like to us.

As I close I just want to encourage you to be relentless in your pursuit to accomplish all of your goals. Even if you are just beginning. Once you have it figured out the limit at which you excel is totally up to you. Please, do not quit because the start of anything is always a challenge. How you view it and what you decide to do with the information will determine your future. Remember it’s the choices and decisions that reaps life’s rewards or lack there of. Emerge into your essence people. Even if trying to is a pain in the ass.

“Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.”-

What is The Biggest Challenge I Faced?

Hmmm… Lets see, One of the biggest challenges that I faced in life is learning to walk away from a fight. This is because I had a tendency to accept destructive behaviors that came in the face of physical conflicts. You know, the one where each person fought to prove their manly prowess. I had to learn that in order to spare myself the consequence that could come with physical violence could be detrimental to my growth as a person. I believe this was a test preparing me for future successes and other situations that would potentially attempt to provoke the same acts of violence.

With that being said, I would like to ask what has been your biggest challenge in life? Why was it your biggest challenge? What made you change your behavior? What was the result?

The Excursion

Thank you for sharing this moment with me!

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. -AfricanProverb

Journeys are never taken alone. In my experience there are always people that you meet along the way. As I travel on this quest I hope to inspire, enlighten and motivate you to develop personally. I hope that I too can do the same. Let’s emerge on this excursion into the best versions of ourselves as we confront challenges.

What do you say? Will you join me?